postenI just found out that the post office doesn’t only have a maximum size for letters sent, it also has a minimum size. I feel that due to this, I will have to perform some experiments, to try this out.

The smallest size allowed is 90 x 140 mm, which I don’t find it unreasonable – after all, it’s not unlikely to get lost when it’s below that size. But I still have to try writing postcards of various sizes and mail them to myself, to see if any of them are actually delivered. I’m fairly sure they will be, even if I wrote a return address on the card I’m fairly sure it would end up being delivered to the right place. They’re pretty decent with that, even if you pay too little for your parcel. I just probably can’t walk up to the register and ask them to take it there. But I won’t, because I’m too much of a coward.

mini postcard illustrationInstead, I will just write tiny little post cards, just big enough to fit an address and a stamp, and put them in the mailbox. Not even under cover or night or anything – at least not intentionally, but I can’t really promise considering as how it’s dark when I should be going to work, and it’s definitely dark when I leave the office in the evening. The days are short, and I’ll forget if I’m going to wait until summer.

That might make this the most meaningless little testing-the-boundaries-of-authorities ever.