The problem with really pretty and slim handmade stuff, that’s made for wear and tear, is that it, well, wears and tears down to bits. Surprisingly enough, delicate quilting fabric was never made to rub against the rough edges of jeans, repeatedly.

His wallet

I made this wallet for my boyfriend a while back, and he used it a little bit, but then stopped. No biggie, I borrowed it on occasion, and when I wanted something slimmer to carry around (and my bus pass cover broke) I took the wallet.

That was just a few months back.

I’m now making one for myself, because as we all know, something immediately becomes immensely attractive as soon as it’s taken away from you, so suddenly he wants to start using it again. Problem is, as I’m inspecting it to figure out how to finish off the details on my new one, I can see that the edges of the fold on his wallet are starting to wear through, from being crammed into my pocket three or more times per day.

My new, shiny wallet

Now I’m looking at my own wallet, my almost finished perfect-for-me wallet with my own fabric choices and embellishments (mind you, they’re very few, and the flash is washing out the colors), and I’m starting to think of ways to protect it against wear and tear – this thing just made to prevent wear and tear of credit cards and similar while not taking up any room. Perhaps making it some kind of wallet…