I’ve covered a piece of tretex (or whatever it’s called) with some fabric and nailed it to the wall, to finally get my hoopla wall set up. The material is very pin-friendly, so I’m able to move things around more than I would have been had I mounted them straight onto the wall! The fabric is a color I’d normally really dislike, but in real life it’s quite discreet against the wallpaper, so I approve of it in context, as usual!

The top right piece is a small woven piece my mom made, either before I was born or soon after. It’s based on a desert landscape, but she designed it and wove it herself. I remember it hanging in the house when I was little, but I haven’t seen it in a while, and it would be a pity to keep it in a box!

The kettle hoop is by my mom as well – it’s really a mini potholder (for kettles I guess!) but I mounted it in a hoop that it barely fit into and hung it instead. It’s both a “tea” theme and feels not too far disconnected from the steampunk with its brass sheen.

I’m quite pleased with it! And there’s more to come! I’ve got another inherited cross stitch to frame that I’m quite fond of (from one of my father’s aunts I believe), and I’ve just joined r6 of the hoopla swap!

To be continued…