Today I went to a coworker’s house and had a playdate, with art stuff. She’s a lot better at drawing than me, with a specific style of her own. You can sort of make out her cool “siamese dragon” that she’s working on in the picture. We’ve both got a tombow kit now, because you always have to have cool craft supplies!

2015-06-27 15.22.34

I got some art stuff done as well, mainly just playing around and learning the tombow pens, but some minor mixed media going on as well.

2015-06-27 16.43.11

The “buttons” are paper punched, and I got them from loves2experiment on long ago. They could get better use than this, but as I said, still experimenting!

The cat on the blue background is also a paper punch, that I got from the coworker I was visiting (they’re ALMOST twinchies these little squares, but not quite). And the other two cats are stamps. Apparently it was a very cat-themed little art session, I didn’t really realize until now! The sassy cat is one of my stamps, and the cute one I borrowed on location.

2015-06-27 20.27.19

The button piece was a fun experience of using the tombow pens on larger areas, but I really should have figured out a way to make the center piece stand out a bit more. I’m not sure how though, without just graying over the background. The top got a bit too grassy as well, simply because I did a few strokes that wouldn’t blend out, and then I had to work over it.

2015-06-27 20.26.54

I also got another support codex page done! On this one I’ve used Schmincke Aqua Primer as a base to be able to use the pens more. The background is still aquarelles, but the flower is drawn using a fine line pen and tombow pens.

2015-06-27 20.27.43

Overall it was great, and I’ll probably use it a lot in the future too. But as you can tell, it made everything bleed more. The stamp ink doesn’t bleed when drawn over on regular watercolor paper, but it really melted out here. You had to wait a lot longer between each layer for it to dry properly. But it was comfortable to work with paints on top of it – I’d just recommend it more for tombow pens than for watercolor!