At my parents summer house, I keep this cross stitch, to always have something to work on in case all my other projects get finished or simply left behind when going here.

2015-07-21 15.02.58I love the motif, and the colors are happy, but sometimes I get lost in how many color changes there are. However, with time I’ve noticed that I care less about how many color changes there are, only being bothered by not having enough stitches to attach the thread in whenever I start a new “island” of color. But I also think that I’ve started ignoring this whole “finishing” thing a lot more, which makes me able to just take everything one meditative stitch at a time. It requires a lot more focus than free hand embroidery, but I have more patience with the exactness of it. “Needle up exactly here, needle down exactly here.”

Some day I might even finish it, and maybe I’ll keep my sun-and-moon cross stitch here instead.