So you know these jigsaw rolls that you can roll your puzzle into at night, to avoid the cats eating the pieces? Well, I figured… I can make that. Could be fun!

Though, the main obstacle is of course that the core roll isn’t too easy to find, so I had to buy concrete form tubes. They’re of a good size, technically, because the jigsaw isn’t too harshly rolled up, but they’re a bit clumsy as well, as they take a lot of space. But if you have a top shelf to put it on, that might be fine!

2015-01-15 21.44.11

I made two, one for me and one for my mom. The one for me is super oversized, because I want to fit a giant jigsaw on it. Mom’s has an old kitty fabric that she bought when I was like ten years old or something, back around the mid 90’s.

2015-01-19 15.45.22

The concept is quite simple. You measure out a piece of felt a couple of inches longer on each side than your max jigsaw size, plus the circumference of the roll so the jigsaw won’t scrape against the bare tube. Then I sewed the decorative protection fabric to it – a bit wider to hem it, and as it turns out, it needs to be a couple of inches longer than the circumference of the tube.

2015-01-15 21.44.22I made it too short on mine, so it doesn’t quite reach all the way around. I’m considering leaving it, but it just doesn’t look as nice. You want this outer fabric as dust protection, because dust is horrible to try to get out of felt!

Then you can just roll it up on your roll, and fasten it with some elastic straps. I don’t have a picture of those unfortunately, but I just bought some Prym waistband hooks and sewed elastic to them that were the same width as the gap, so I could thread it through and just sew it on. Three pieces of elastic per tube is needed – just a bit shorter than the circumference of the tube, so it holds on firmly. One of my packages turned out to contain a pair of males instead of a male and female pairing, so I mailed prym about it, and they immediately sent me a new package, without me having to do anything else. Bonus points for Prym!

I would also recommend marking your felt where it wraps around the tube, so you can easily see where you can start laying your jigsaw! If you’re that proper, you can even measure out some marks from the middle, so you can try and center your jigsaw – I didn’t, and sort of regretted later, but it still worked out.

It works well though!

2015-07-23 21This is a 1000pc jigsaw with an Amsterdam motif, which I gave to my mom along with the jigsaw roll, as sort of a tie-in to our trip in May. Yes, that is a lot of single-color blue sky, and yes I defeated it!

jigsawBonus tip: When unrolling your puzzle from the mat, make sure no pieces stick to the back of the felt. We “lost” one piece that way, but we managed to find it when we started rolling it back up again, so we could place the final piece and take a picture of the finished jigsaw. Great success!