So to start off, I’ll just mention that I made my own home-made raspberry leaf tea the other week. I tried it yesterday. It was pretty good, in a sort of low-grade green tea kind of way. Above all, I’d used too old leaves, really, you get more raspberry-ish flavor from shoots than you do from the july leaves, where most of the flavor has gone into the berries.

Only it turns out that I’m one of the few who get massive headaches from raspberry leaf tea. Suffering through the night, mostly in annoyance (not enough to actually go get any painkillers, or have a drink, in spite of feeling parched) I woke up with something akin to a hangover.

The most beautiful day yet, I was actually slightly jealous of Amir’s and my dad’s tour across the island on bike, but I really wasn’t up for it in my hangover state anyway.

Me and mom dropped them off on one side of the island trail, and then drove around to pick them up on the other side. Remarkably quick tour, we reached the end at the same time, picked them back up and went to Carla’s CafĂ©, one of the best places on the island. They’ve got great home baked cinnamon buns and other sweets, an interesting selection of craft beers, a small art gallery upstairs, a little corner selling crafts and painting supplies, and proper indoor sofas out in the garden to lounge on while enjoying your food. In the evenings they often have someone playing, but I’ve never been as you have to buy tickets for those shows.

I spent a couple of minutes there, between sandwich and cinnamon bun, getting a couple more stitches on my cat sashiko done.

2015-07-30 15.35.54I need to rip out the “ears” I think, and do the entire cat in regular white perle thread – the sashiko thread is just too thick for such details. But it’s coming along nicely anyway. I’ll need to figure out what I want to do with it once I’m done. Maybe make it a front panel of yet another bag!

Now I’m crawled up on the bed with the cats, updating the blog and spoiling my appetite before dinner with apple beer and crisps. All in all, world embroidery day is probably my most satisfactory vacation day so far, in spite of its beginning.