So 2012 I got this idea to make a tiered planter. I took my little craft book and calculated all the sides, including where things had to overlap, and where the supports would go.

2015-08-24 08.24.31 2015-08-24 08.24.40 2015-08-24 08.25.09I bought the cheapest planks available, took them to my parents’ house (where the big tools are), cut them to size, and then… they sat there.

2012-06-08 15.30.05For maybe a year. Then I stained them one coat, and again… they sat there. For ages. First because of exhaustion, then because of the weather.

Last summer I moved them out of my parents’ glass terrace, and onto my balcony. Then I started the assembly. I’m very happy about drawing detailed notes in my little craft book so I knew where everything would go!

2014-07-12 19.37.07

2014-07-12 21.50.21

Then I ran out of screws. The planks are thin and prone to cracking if provoked too hard, so I’d used drill tip screws (the best invention ever), and they just ran out. And no one sold any more! At least not ones that seemed functional – they were either the wrong metal, or badly cut. But then, finally, this year I found more. And eventually the weather allowed me to continue.

So I attached the remaining planks, filled in the missing screws, performed some magic to get the inner sides to stick together (I moved one “leg” to create a place to attach the two sides), added more stain, then cut the tarpulin I’d covered it with during waiting times into a protective inside to keep the dirt from falling out when I fill it. (I cut about three holes in it for draining, too, one in each corner) It took a LOT of staples from my staple gun! I had to refill it four times!

2015-08-22 13.19.44

I’m pretty happy with it. Now maybe I’ll get around to getting soil and planting some autumn plants! (or just leave it over winter since I won’t be able to do that until september anyway. We’ll see)