The office was going to have a kickoff party with a rockabilly theme. I love rockabilly, but it’s not something that I naturally partake in. My hair is long but doesn’t like to curl, my PCOS has caused my hair to be extra thin in front, and I don’t do skirts or short tops.

However, I decided to go with a toned down greaser look. For this, I had a reasonable t-shirt – especially since I work with online poker, my slightly rockabilly look playing card t-shirt seemed reasonable.

Normally I wouldn’t cut up a favorite shirt like this, but it’s been just miscolored enough for it to bother me, so I haven’t worn it in forever.

I didn’t take a good before-photo, but you can see the unmodified side while I was experimenting with pins.2015-08-30 21.40.13It’s a very large men’s t-shirt.

so I cut off one sleeve, and pinched it together under my arm, then I pinned it together with safety pins from that point and in a slightly curved outward going line. I didn’t want the waist to get too much thinner – I hate shirts that cling to my stomach.

I put a paper on top of the pinned down side and drew along the outline of the shirt, and along the pins, creating a pattern I could copy to the other side of the shirt.

2015-09-01 07.41.20

I also drew on myself while wearing the short along one half of the collar, to how low I wanted it, then I duplicated it on the other side. I cut over an inch less than the line marked, and rolled down the fabric OUTWARDS to create a nice border for the neck, and sewed it in place.

2015-09-01 21.45.07I didn’t have a lot of time in one stretch, so I worked it over several days. At some point, all my safety pins that were not attached to the shirt went missing. I still haven’t found them. So to pin heighwise, I had to reuse the few pins I’d used for the one side.

I may have cut it a little shorter than I indended when I pinned this. I was very tired at this point. It’s hard to tell from the photos, but it’s about 7 inches shorter.

Then came the last question. Sleeves back on, but shortened…?

2015-09-02 20.07.33 cropIn the end, I decided it felt more fitting for the theme to leave the sleeves off. I went with raw edge, because edging the sleeves made them too stiff.

Some rockabilly tattoos from the toyshop, my trusty bandana as a headband, and ready to go.

2015-09-03 party_blur