Last year, we went to Greece. I like to pick up some souvenir yarn when I’m abroad, and this time, Amir came up to me with some Drops baby alpaca silk yarn and said “Make something for me…”. It’s the coziest yarn ever. So yeah, of couse I’ll take the excuse to buy it!

Anyway, I decided on double knit. I drafted a pattern that reminded me vaguely of greek patterns, mixed with this other style I enjoy… but I wasn’t satisfied.

growl1I got yay far before deciding I really wanted to do something different, at our knitting pub tuesday. It’s the most amazing yarn to work with though – in pale blue, yellow and white. And I only got about five rounds before realizing that double knit requires a proper edging! So the “bottom” bit has holes in on both sides it that I’ll have to stitch shut later.

2015-09-15 20.42.02So I drafted another pattern, inspired by browsing cowls on ravelry.

2015-09-16 19.32.06The total count is a little off, but the principle is the same. I didn’t want to frog it, so I’m just continuing after completing one pattern repeat of the first style, with a minor “trickling-off” crossover to match the style of the second pattern.

I’m hoping it’ll turn out okay, even though I’m being lazy. We’ll see!