I finally screwed the hooks into my spinning wheel’s flyer! I couldn’t drill out the old metal bits, I had to drill between them. The dry wood inside is just a dark dust held together by good intentions, but with some pressure from the outside, it held up okay. I applied a little glue at the point where one cracked and clamped it together with paper clamps again, which seems to have worked well.

2015-10-18 13.59.01That done, I finally tied the treadle together with the thingy that goes to the wheel (I know, my vocabulary is so impressive, isn’t it?), so the wheel is technically usable now! I haven’t tried it yet though, as I’m too tired to focus on yet another heavily skill based thing.

But I DID twist and bead a threader hook for it, which I’m quite happy with. Just junk beads, but they felt right. And I love my shiny ribbon. It’s like a bracelet with a key on it, for the wheel to wear.

2015-10-18 18.04.55See? As soon as I have the peace of mind, the wheel is ready to go.