I finished it! The actually-reasonable-size-cowl for my boyfriend to wear when lounging indoors in the winter problem-cold, like a pajama scarf! On his birthday no less, so I could pretend I had it all planned all along!

The main point of it turned out to be the simple rule of “don’t frog”. If it were obvious mistakes, really really closely, then sure. Otherwise… Don’t frog. Work with it.

So we start out with the greek pattern that I then abandoned, and gradually work our way into this… other… pattern. With Casual Nexus as my inspiration.

2015-11-01 18.41.52As you can see, the diamond to the right is a little bit off from the pattern. But don’t frog!

2015-11-01 18.41.58…just make the other side even weirder. That bit there started out as a turret and ended up accidental church, where the “shooty explosion” became extremely cross like. Who’da thunk.

After that we got into a race track finish line (because I thought I’d come to the end of how long it had to be).

2015-11-01 18.42.03The attempt to gradually make it meet the greek pattern brings us to our third unplanned feature: the accidental penis.

Finally, we finish off with two snow flakes.

2015-11-01 18.42.08(Yes, the grafting is quite visible, I know – especially at both edges where I made a mistake on one edge and mirrored it on the other side, because of our aforementioned rule)

I was afraid this would make it too wide, but it’s actually quite snug, as it’s bunched up a lot when wearing it. It seems to have turned out the perfect size.

2015-11-07 17.49.17I didn’t bother to block it, it just gets to live like this for now. Cozy for when the radiators can’t keep up with the drop in temperature.