I’m still working on the quilt block swap round 8, which I won’t post here until it’s finished, but I’ve also started a new pair of more or less freehanded socks. I call them “The Floor Is Lava”, because the name just came to me when looking at them, and let’s just go with it… But I’m calling this post “lava drain”, because this is my fifth attempt at making a toe the right size.

2015-11-15 21.55.27I started out doing knitty’s universal toe up sock pattern, only with german short rows, but it kept getting so lose and weird in spite of several needle size changes, so I decided on just looping on the end of the toe and increasing my way from there until it’s wide enough.

Right now I’ve got about 68 stitches, and it’s not even close to being the width of my foot. Last time, same needles, short rowing it, I was on 70 stitches and could fit another big toe in it.

We’ll see if this goes anywhere.