I figured I’d tell you of a minor quilting trick I often use. Even for tiny bits, but it’s the most relevant if doing larger sizes.

When doing triangles, you’ll often be advised to cut full squares, sew, and trim off the corners. That leaves you with a lot of usable fabric that’s none the less in annoying triangle form. So I tend to do double lines – one along the diagonal to sew along, as instructed, but then another one right along the line you’ll be trimming, i.e. one seam allowance away. Then I use that as a seam-allowance-guide to sew a second seam before cutting.

2016-03-28 09.43.50

Assistants may be annoyed with your priorities.

2016-03-28 11.08.10

Second line a seam allowance away…

2016-03-28 17.31.24

Two seams, two seam allowances apart. One on the perfect diagonal, one to save your extra fabric.

This gives you a ton of almost-free extra squares from your scraps, and you’re ready to do a side project!

2016-03-28 18.23.28