I haven’t been crafting that much lately. Started a cross stitch, touched the lava-socks now and then, and worked on the quilt block swap. As always, I’ll post about that once they’re all finished.

Qila the giant kitty got diagnosed with diabetes the other week. He’s been slightly overweight, but not really for quite a while. His leg injury means he’s less likely to run around though, and apparently diabetes is quite common for norweigan forest cats – at least the larger models. Cats get diabetes for the same reasons humans do – raised blood sugar over a long period of time. However, as opposed to humans, cats are predators that have their blood sugar shoot through the roof for just about anything – stress, infections, inflammations, injuries, arthritis… The body trying to respond with a short term boost while healing, and sometimes going overboard. We’re still in the investigation phase, but I have high hopes of being able to handle this. He loves food as long as he doesn’t throw it up too much, so unless it upsets his stomach he’ll be able to go down to a strict low-carb diet, which could solve everything.

Just wanted that logged – back to the not-fully-crafty bits.

I got some jamberry nail wraps from a friend-of-a-friend in New Zealand (they don’t sell them here) and so far they’ve lasted over a week, in spite of my super sloppy application. After multiple excessive teeth-pickings when I’d eaten things that got viciously stuck, one is slightly dented at the very tip, but that’s all. And the grow-out is starting to show. But I love it. They last, they don’t smell… I just need to be able to buy them here.

2016-03-19 23.43.23-1

I also baked some Hot Cross Buns Saturday. I know, you’re supposed to bake them on Easter Friday, but frankly, I’m going to eat them, not save them as a fire retardant.

2016-03-26 13.33.54

The picture is before glazing them with apricot jam. Frankly, the recipe is slightly confusing with not listing all ingredients and stuff, but I ended up not using any honey, and weighing up 150g of over-dry raisins of different colors which I then soaked in good rum for the first proving period. Drain the rum, add the raisins. I had to add more milk, too, because it was far too dry for our dry weather. They’d have turned into rocks! (also I should have used the shit rum, but I forgot I had it… they’re very tasty at any rate! But I prefer them with regular butter, and some gouda cheese)

Other than that, I’ve gotten this really cute post card coloring book from Amir. It’s called “Vinterdr√∂mmar” (winter dreams) which is a bit inappropriate with my spring yearning, but it’s not so wintery that you can’t turn it into easter/spring/mandala motifs.

2016-03-28 07.56.30

I love my mini therapy book!