I ran out of entries in the single-page journal they gave us at the vet, so I cobbled together a new one. The images are just randomly grabbed off the internet, and I have no right to them, but this isn’t commercial use, it’s to save kitty lives dammit! So in case anyone is interested, here it is. I don’t know why the PDF saves as one page plus a blank, it’s just the one page in the original doc. To print, I suggest setting to two copies per page, double sided printing.

Get the diabetes diary page as PDF

To print this in “book form”, choose to print however many copies you want, and set pages to “1,1,1,1”. Then choose to print “several” with two per page, and double sided, short side staple.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 21.21.54

To explain further: You’ve got the morning/midday/evening icons at the top. Then at the far left you enter the date. Followed by the time, the blood sugar levels, the amount of insulin given, and food for the day.

You’ve got an optional field for lunch time blood sugar, if you happen to be at home for the 5-6h mark from the morning insulin dose.

Then you’re back to the “start”, with the evening time, sugar, dosage and night food. I suggest giving yourself some shorthand to use for food notes – for example I’d put 1w for one can of wet food (knowing that he’s currently getting the 156g cans), and 12gd for 12 grams of dry food, if he’s having a hungry day.