I spent the day at a course held by Faina Goberstein at Litet Nystan. The topic was sweater construction, and the exercise was miniature sweaters.

2016-05-26 09.07.10

Raglan, Yoke, Dolman, Set In Sleeve (without sleeves)

They’re a great way to get a feel for the different styles without making a whole sweater.

All in all it was a nice course. Some great tips:

  • When measuring a swatch, first string a thread through every five stitches to allow for counting in leaps of five until you get to the uneven ones at the end.
  • German short row beats regular short rows (but we knew that)
  • When casting on stitches and you don’t care about the look so much so you just e-loop the yarn… take the time to give it one extra twist before putting it on the needle – it’ll make it pull together more. (compare the holes under the arm of the raglan vs the more held-together armholes of the yoke)

And of course, learning how to think when constructing a sweater, calculating slopes and so forth. Some people looked horrified by having to do actual maths, but it’s not hard. Just follow the instructions. It will let you recalculate mostly any sweater for your yarn. I think they said she goes through it all in her book: The Art of Seamless Knitting

Now I’m almost starting to get brave enough to cast on for Rogue! (in spite of my ridiculously short patience)