Helped Amir make some MTG token cards. One of his coworkers has been having a hard time finding elf tokens, and as he keeps referring to them as “Elf mongo” (elf tard) when he plays them, Amir decided to make him some. We added “Elf miffo” as the term for the weaker ones, to not share a name. (elf freak, though slightly milder as an expression)

2016-06-05 16.27.51

The mongo term seems a bit wrong to print, but as private use cards in reference to just your own stupid language use, fine. We tried for more generic elf derogatory terms (like pointy-ears), but space was an issue. The tool doesn’t let you write too many characters.

If you want to make your own, you can go to MTG Card Smith’s Token Maker. We adjusted the size, laser printed the cards, then put them in inner sleeves (for double sleeving) along with ad cards you get in the back of every pack, for stability. No glue, as to not warp them.

The artwork is not our own, unfortunately I don’t know where he found them, or I’d credit the source here.