Last Friday, Anna taught me to fold origami boxes. It’s very addictive, and as I can see myself quickly spending all my paper on the simple boxes, and then just having them lying around, I’m trying to restrain myself. For good and bad.

I prefer the basic single-paper one, as it’s easier to fold. The four-module one was hard as hell to put together, because I made the last fold incorrectly. But I’ll try again I think. It requires a surprising amount of violence if you’re off by half a millimeter.

I find searched pinterest for origami boxes, and I think this is my preferred basic instruction. How much less to fold in the lid is kinda hard to tell, but I find that this trick helps: Look at the thickest edge of your box, and double that. That’s the distance away from the center you’ll want to fold the wall down when making the lid, to get an easy but snug fit.