Remember the planter I built? Well, it’s in full use now. Sorry for the cramped pic, the table is sort of blocking my view, as I’m fixing floor issues on the other side.

2016-06-05 17.31.31

At the top we’ve got two tiny blueberry bushes that I hope will come in nicely (I’m even having “nightmares” about other people having blueberry bushes that thrive, while mine are tortured and neglected!). Then we’ve got two white bleeding hearts – only the one on the right is blossoming right now, because it’s the one that gets more sunlight. But I’m hoping that means the other one will come in July, and I’ll get a longer season out of the combination.

Then at the bottom we’ve got strawberries! On the right we’ve got some decently large ones coming in nicely, just hoping they’ll get to ripe in spite of the shade and funny weather. On the left, there’s a pink blossom one, but it’s past its flowering time. Here’s a pic of it from a few weeks ago.

2016-05-20 13.19.19

And let’s not forget my old plant bench that I built years and years ago.

2016-06-04 11.15.17

It’s all set up for the season now. We’ve got two bell peppers, that’ll have to live a bit in the shade, and a huge tomato that’ll thrive in the sunshine and slight wind. The fence seems to be holding the cats off as well, I haven’t gotten a bed full of dirt in a couple of days!

I’ve got the watering drip system hooked up to the water barrel for all the plants, but that doesn’t help with dirt dehydration, so I’m still trying to think of a good way to cover it. I’ve got tree bark, but that also turns the dirt acidic, and the tomato wants the opposite. Maybe I’ll pilfer grass clippings from the neighborhood, or my parents’ lawn!