Anna came over for a day of paper fun.

2016-06-12 14.03.51

I got around to making a lid! It was actually a lot easier than the box was. Mainly because I was more awake and calm and just did it right.

2016-06-12 14.27.22

The boxes I made before got lids and LOTS of stickers. I love stickers.

2016-06-12 16.51.50

Anna’s crane on the left, and mine on the right, from 3” (7cm-ish) paper. I love the pointy back, and I’m starting to think I want to make some of those too.

2016-06-12 19.17.13

We started out okay with just the table, then we pulled it out and put one extension in… There was barely space anyway.

2016-06-12 21.02.19

And then the cat box! I love the cat.