2016-06-14 12.38.14

So I desperately needed a pencil case for my fine tip pens that I use for detailed coloring books. I was carrying ten around from place to place, sticking them into various pockets and hoping the cat wouldn’t carry them off.

Get a grip, right? I mean I’m a crafter. (A craftster even)

I actually picked out the zipper first, because I do NOT like the color, and still think I should use it. It’s a cool zipper. Things were going to go whatever way they wanted to go. No over thinking it.

Then I grabbed some fabrics. I have a spray can that seems about the size I wanted it to be, so I divided that by 3,4,5,6… and thought about which square length I preferred. Ended up with five as my favorite number. Added seam allowance, and cut some long strips. About zipper length plus an inch on each side. (because it’ll need trimming later)

2016-05-27 18.10.34

Some fabrics were on and off, but I knew right away that the zipper needed the bees. They have some pale loli goth thing about them. And then the skulls were right there, and I should use those a bit… The barbed wire became obvious, the loud lime was just being loud enough to match, and… some purple. I don’t know, I needed purple.

2016-05-27 19.02.33

Sewed the strips into a tube, trimmed the tube, and chopped the tube into bits as wide as the original strips. Then cut the seams where you need the tube to open, to get the pattern you want. (if you cut them in thinner and thinner widths you’ll get a bargello effect too)

2016-05-28 15.47.44

This is actually my first meandering quilt. I haven’t used my walking foot on anything as “serious” or “big” before. It was pretty handy, but damn it’s hard for me. My brain likes straight lines.

Some stiff stuff for batting, and a nice gray text-and-pens fabric for the inside.

2016-06-06 11.30.07

Cut two round discs of stiff stuff that looked like they’d fit in the middle. Four large discs of the inside fabric, quilted two bits, then cut circles with seam allowance and slit them almost down to the center circle.

2016-06-12 18.07.16

Hand sewed the discs to the thing, all sloppy like. Raw edges out.

I thought I snapped a pic of the edging only sewed on on the inside, before the flip, but apparently I don’t. Now what you see here is a perfect example of why you should cut bias strips instead of straight strips. They stretch, so they don’t pull the entire thing to the width of the inside. But, bias strips also spend a lot more fabric if you only need a tiny bit. (as bias scraps are a bit more of a pain than straight fabric)

2016-06-14 12.38.14

They’re sewed on in a very basic matter, just putting the strip on the inside, right side down, and bit by bit just basting it on, aligning the needle with where the batting disc begins. Since it’s just an edging and not the thing holding it together, basting should be fine. (Hot tip – fold the starting bit before you start sewing, so you don’t have a raw edge poking out later. I forgot at first and had to mess with it a bit.)

2016-06-14 12.37.54-1

Folded the edge’s edge down to the raw edge of the pencil case, then flipped the rest of the edge down over the case. I sewed the start and end together first so they wouldn’t get pulled apart, then went all the way around just folding it down. It stayed in place on its own, no pins needed. Then I just ladder stitched around.

2016-06-14 12.38.07

The edges being a bit “crampy” bugs me slightly, but not much. I’m very satisfied with having gotten off my butt and made something I need.