Amir does exercise while on vacation. What’s up with that?

So he needed a chin up bar, and we didn’t want to dig into the rocky lawn to make a concrete base (that can’t be moved..) nor put holes in doorways… which makes the bar too narrow anyway.

So I had to build him a chin up bar! With some design help from my dad, who has quite a lot of experience in building things that actually stay upright.

2016-07-22 12.31.43

Each leg has a hole drilled up top for the bar to go in, with a stop on the outer side (added after these first pictures)

2016-07-22 12.31.59

There’s stops on the base board at the exact width of the leg, and the leg has two feet at the exact width of the base board, so it fits together like puzzle pieces.

2016-07-24 12.23.21

Since the bar is over a meter long, I added supports closer to each others, to lower the strain, attached to the top board that’s bolted onto the legs.

2016-07-25 12.55.47

Even before bolting the top on, it seems pretty sturdy, just hanging there.

2016-07-25 14.00.47

There are no side supports in spite of making the base board long enough to accommodate that, so you don’t want to swing sideways, but if you’re swinging sideways during chinups, you’re probably doing it wrong.

Since the lawn isn’t flat, you can see extra bits of wood to support the feet where needed.

The legs are not attached to the base board, and the top board is just bolted on, so it’s detachable into more easily stored pieces. The only “problem” is that the holes around the pole are so narrow that it’s pretty hard to get it on or off, but it really does add sturdiness!