This spring, I wanted a simple project that would be quick to work up, so I started the Spiral Cowl. And it was a quick and simple project, only I didn’t work on it that often, and sometimes I was so tired that some holes are far too large due to dropped stitches! During my stay at Sätergläntan I got a lot done, and now it’s finally finished.

2016-08-19 13.20.30

The yarn, from Creatively Dyed Yarns, took AGES to wash all the bleed out of. I ended up leaving it in a bath with detergent, in the sink, for half an hour, then it cleared up.

It suits me surprisingly well as well. I’ve got a tiny virus going in the photo, that’s why I look so dreary, but I’m really very pleased with the outcome.

2016-08-19 13.21.20