It’s like a coaster, right? You put it under the cat… so… eh…

Yeah, I made the scavenged corners quilt top a while back, and never got any further. But I did need one blanket to put in the kitty carrier and ANOTHER one at the computer, because moving it back and forth isn’t popular while it’s being occupied by someone.

2016-08-22 11.35.34

Finally got around to it. My quilting isn’t great. It looks nice, and I like how it’s a lot less “swedish flag” with the red bits on the quilt thread, but the back is atrocious, and I obviously don’t have the patience for basic quilting tricks when it comes to the things I actually like, like the bubbles/circles thing. The tension needs a lot more attention as well, but I’m Just Too Lazy.

2016-08-22 11.35.43