Got around to making a card holder for the dinner plan cards, and put it on the fridge. (I have a wood covered fridge door, so no magnets for me!)


Essentially what I’ve done is taken a nice A4 sheet and arranged three post card sized pieces of pretty card stock, from a pack, on top. I stuck the bottom corners of the recipe cards into photo corners, and then put the recipe card onto the card stock, letting the corners stick into a good place by aligning the recipe card itself.

The bottom piece of card stock I trimmed to size of the recipe card, as I only need places for five cards.


To attach the “post cards”, I used regular photo stickers. They’re sturdy enough for this, and don’t bend the card with moisture.


I put the first (bottom) card where I wanted it, then measured for the middle and put the others at a comfortable distance.


Trimmed the edges to match the padding weight I wanted…


And more photo stickers has it up on the fridge!