Amir and his MtG crew decided to make advent calendars for each others. A gives to B gives to C gives to A type of thing. They set a budget, and Amir gathered up the cards, then I got to help craft the calendar part. Wee!


The envelopes are these mini baggies from TGR, for like two bucks per pair or something.


Unfortunately the stickers don’t adhere perfectly to the bags. Some are great, but some are really made for more normal paper, and some are just a bit old.

See nr 2 or 16 below, where Amir was clever enough to combine a party streamer with a bauble to make it a hanging bauble? I wish my brain worked like that. I just see party streamers. As that’s what they were printed as, in context, on the sticker sheet. With that encouragement he made several like that, and I really like the result.


One of them has five cards instead of one, so I decided to put this on a bag, but he ended up using it for a particular card instead.


Took us maybe an hour, and it was great fun casually crafting together. Afternoon well spent!