After years of wishing, I finally got (by buying them as an early christmas gift to myself from someone else) some erasable pencils! Col-erase to be more precise, by recommendation from one of our graphical designers.


So to force myself to draw more often, AND to have something to draw when my head is too full to see anything, I picked up a 30 day drawing challenge. Which may turn out to be just a 30 drawings challenge, days be damned. But at least I started.


The first prompt is “Things you would put on a table”. At first I felt ambitious, and that I should draw all the junk I’ve actually got on our kitchen table right now. But then I thought it’s better to just draw a little, but actually do something, than to just go overboard and not finish.

So I started with this non-photo-blue base (using a crap pencil sharpener – note: use the better sharpener!), and then I went over that with my ultra thin black ink pen


The blue is actually pretty nicely ignored once the ink is on top, and I could probably go over the entire thing with an eraser to make it really well behaved.

The cat needs a ton of crosshatching done, but as she’s really a BLACK cat, I sort of just mind-froze and left her like this. All white. With no shadows. (I mean, she already has no shadows, because she’s so black usually shows up as a hole against the background – in spite of just being calico – it’s something about this matte almost brown tone of hers)

The pencils are quite waxy, which is comfortable in a way, but my aggressive lettering was so waxy the pen didn’t want to stick to it, which is why you can see I’d lost my patience by the time I got to the word “Cat”. (I’ve also extended the right window border by half an inch, because balance)

So lots of things I could improve that I see, tons of things i DON’T see, but at least I’ve started. And I’m pretty happy with it! It’s cute!