In February, we started looking for a house, and that continued until easter, when we BOUGHT a house. And only last Friday (while in Barcelona with work) did I get the apartment sold. So I haven’t been crafting like crazy, like I normally would! Or rather FINISHING like I normally would.

But that doesn’t mean nothing’s been happening. The drawing challenges will get their own posts, but today I also drew this lil scene. I’m not letting the image be larger than this in the post because look at that pen, it’s that small in real life! I like small. You can hide not being that good, and also be lazy.

2017-05-18 14.54.01

I’ve been doing some knitting too, but I ran out of yarn in this one kit RIGHT on the finish line!

2017-05-18 17.26.19

I’ve mailed the company that sells the kit, and they replied within five minutes and I’ll have more of that color in the mail by Monday. Just the heel left there!

Just before leaving for Barcelona, I also started knitting a shawl on my mom’s request. Started it at the hair dresser while getting my crazy rainbow back – I was worried it might get dyed, but my hairdresser knows his stuff! Only problem is you knit it neck-out, triangle style, so it’s hard to take a proper picture of while WIP.

2017-05-18 17.55.03

It’s an easy knit, and your mistakes don’t show that visibly, so I’ve seen almost all of Sense8 and three seasons of community while working on this… (getting HOME from Barcelona I got a cold on the plane,¬†because not even company charters can be trusted) Not to mention all the work I got done during presentations at the conference!

2017-05-16 09.25.37

And if we go back to those drawing challenges, I got a “well fuck you too!” moment at one of them, skillwise, and decided to make this. It’s called Inversion, but also “I’ll show YOU proportions”

2017-03-28 16.05.40


The bee I worked on for my keytag got an outline and a crown, and then I abandoned the project again – still need to stitch the other side (an M) and sew it all together.

2017-05-07 14.56.10

I’ve done color tests of my copics while doing one of the drawing challenges, and also figuring out leaves and grass…

2017-05-18 17.52.20

And I’ve done a LOT of planting

2017-04-30 11.39.24

2017-05-05 18.37.25

2017-05-04 20.11.22

2017-05-16 11.09.25

Most of the last picture is actually plants that survived from last year, except for the pots in the foreground. There’s also three flower boxes full of pansies, but we’ll settle here with the plants.

Other posts with the drawing challenges coming up later, after dinner and some such!

PS. There’s also been some baking, but no pictures!