While cleaning the apartment to show it for the sale, I came across a bunch of old patterns. Quilt and cross stitch.

The boat I used to paper piece a book cover, in a book swap, long ago. It had a red hull, because it was made for the book Abarat – one of my all time favorites, that I’m thinking of re-reading soon.

2017-04-09 09.43.45

Next are my plans for a tatted butterfly. I made some of the upper center, but no further. The attention span is too low I guess.

2017-04-09 09.41.40

Another book cover was made for the wonderland swap – this time appliqued. I skipped the eyes and teeth in the end, and just went for somewhat psychadelic fabrics on a velvet base. And only did the actual mushrooms.

2017-04-09 09.39.36

The key is a quilt pattern, that I used to make an amazing, padded keyboard bag for a Logitech keyboard Amir used long ago. It turned out to be some of my best work, both in patchworking and bag making. It’s not really used anymore. I’ll have to see what I can do about that.

2017-04-09 09.44.232017-04-09 09.44.28

Last, I don’t know what this is, or what the plans were. Quilt? Cross stitch? Biscornu? I remember drawing it and coloring it, in one of my university notebooks. Maybe suitable for canvas embroidery some day.

2017-04-09 09.44.39