In the middle of cleaning out the apartment for showing it to possible buyers, my mom suddenly handed me a pattern, and with her big childlike eyes and shining face went “Could you make me this sometime maybe?”

…so, yeah, not a good time? But sure? Later?

And later on, once the first stuff was done, I called and asked for the details about the pattern because I was near the yarn store and thought I might as well pick up some yarn. She was surprised and happy (as she tends to bring me projects knowing that it may be in four years or never) and we settled on some malabrigo, because none of us liked the fiber choice of the original pattern, which was mostly acrylic.

And then, maybe three days later… I wanted a project. And she had good timing, because I’d been feeling like making a scarf lately.

So I got to it. At the hairdresser, hair full of really strong bleach, and thinking “if it splashes, it’ll be a partially white shawl!”, and then hair full of all the colors imaginable and thinking “it may be a partially very colorful shawl!”.

And then at the conference, I got a ton of time to knit as well.

And suddenly I was done.

It took me two weeks, I don’t think I’ve knitted anything even remotely this size remotely this quickly.

2017-05-22 07.37.50

2017-05-22 07.37.39

It’s about 170 by 80 cm or so, or a bit under one by two yards. Took one and a half skein of malabrigo sock, and it was super simple – perfect to knit while watching whatever. (one skein blue, half a skein blue-green)