So here I am, on vacation, trying to figure out why this awesome café on the island I’m visiting won’t open this summer… and I stumble over “Sewing Weekend in Grönhögen”.

…”I’M in Grönhögen!”

…”And it’s this weekend!”

So I called and said “hey I have no mats or anything, can I join this anyway?” and turned out Quilt-Lena brought her entire store, so I could just go buy everything I needed on location, and cutting mats and rotary cutters were available to borrow, so off I went!

Four days, of which I had only three, because the Sunday has to be spent driving back home. Frankly I think my time estimation skills are awesome, because I finished twenty to five in the afternoon on my last day.


2017-07-01 16.40.09

2017-07-01 16.40.23


That red cord is just what I happened to have in the house – NOT what I intend it to stay with. I used it for the piping in the bottom, and then just to display that it’s a draw-string top. If I find some good buttons, I’m going to attach them on the handles too, and make a sturdy sew-through through them, because right now the handles are just sewn on along the edges with cotton, which isn’t super strong. But functional!

My inspiration came from pinterest, as always, where I’d previously pinned these items

The quilt pattern

The block tutorial:


And the bag I was inspired by since I first saw it 2008