Magic sewing kits

Quick post from the train, working on some English Paper Piecing. Magic the Gathering boxes make decent sewing kits.



Sewing-weekend where I’m at (knitting bag for mom)

So here I am, on vacation, trying to figure out why this awesome café on the island I’m visiting won’t open this summer… and I stumble over “Sewing Weekend in Grönhögen”.

…”I’M in Grönhögen!”

…”And it’s this weekend!”

So I called and said “hey I have no mats or anything, can I join this anyway?” and turned out Quilt-Lena brought her entire store, so I could just go buy everything I needed on location, and cutting mats and rotary cutters were available to borrow, so off I went!

Four days, of which I had only three, because the Sunday has to be spent driving back home. Frankly I think my time estimation skills are awesome, because I finished twenty to five in the afternoon on my last day.


2017-07-01 16.40.09

2017-07-01 16.40.23


That red cord is just what I happened to have in the house – NOT what I intend it to stay with. I used it for the piping in the bottom, and then just to display that it’s a draw-string top. If I find some good buttons, I’m going to attach them on the handles too, and make a sturdy sew-through through them, because right now the handles are just sewn on along the edges with cotton, which isn’t super strong. But functional!

My inspiration came from pinterest, as always, where I’d previously pinned these items

The quilt pattern

The block tutorial:


And the bag I was inspired by since I first saw it 2008

Sampler scarf UPSIDE DOWN pattern

So I made this pattern today, but as I didn’t quite know where I was going with it, I drew it top to bottom. So just turn everything around!

It goes garter, to stockinette, to rib, to moss, to 1×1 cables on a purl background, to leaves, to an owl cable. I’m intending to use it as a teaching base for a friend. It was too annoying to insert cabling images in the sheet, so you’ll have to make do with my own ugly stupid notation, and hopefully you’re apt enough to figure out what it SHOULD be. Bold arrows mean “in front”, in the cable notation.

Sample Scarf PDF

It’s essentially half a scarf, made for worsted weight yarn and 3x garter rib on either side. So make two, with a length of stockinette in the middle, and graft together.

Malabrigo Lace

In the middle of cleaning out the apartment for showing it to possible buyers, my mom suddenly handed me a pattern, and with her big childlike eyes and shining face went “Could you make me this sometime maybe?”

…so, yeah, not a good time? But sure? Later?

And later on, once the first stuff was done, I called and asked for the details about the pattern because I was near the yarn store and thought I might as well pick up some yarn. She was surprised and happy (as she tends to bring me projects knowing that it may be in four years or never) and we settled on some malabrigo, because none of us liked the fiber choice of the original pattern, which was mostly acrylic.

And then, maybe three days later… I wanted a project. And she had good timing, because I’d been feeling like making a scarf lately.

So I got to it. At the hairdresser, hair full of really strong bleach, and thinking “if it splashes, it’ll be a partially white shawl!”, and then hair full of all the colors imaginable and thinking “it may be a partially very colorful shawl!”.

And then at the conference, I got a ton of time to knit as well.

And suddenly I was done.

It took me two weeks, I don’t think I’ve knitted anything even remotely this size remotely this quickly.

2017-05-22 07.37.50

2017-05-22 07.37.39

It’s about 170 by 80 cm or so, or a bit under one by two yards. Took one and a half skein of malabrigo sock, and it was super simple – perfect to knit while watching whatever. (one skein blue, half a skein blue-green)

Patterns of the past – quilt keys and such

While cleaning the apartment to show it for the sale, I came across a bunch of old patterns. Quilt and cross stitch.

The boat I used to paper piece a book cover, in a book swap, long ago. It had a red hull, because it was made for the book Abarat – one of my all time favorites, that I’m thinking of re-reading soon.

2017-04-09 09.43.45

Next are my plans for a tatted butterfly. I made some of the upper center, but no further. The attention span is too low I guess.

2017-04-09 09.41.40

Another book cover was made for the wonderland swap – this time appliqued. I skipped the eyes and teeth in the end, and just went for somewhat psychadelic fabrics on a velvet base. And only did the actual mushrooms.

2017-04-09 09.39.36

The key is a quilt pattern, that I used to make an amazing, padded keyboard bag for a Logitech keyboard Amir used long ago. It turned out to be some of my best work, both in patchworking and bag making. It’s not really used anymore. I’ll have to see what I can do about that.

2017-04-09 09.44.232017-04-09 09.44.28

Last, I don’t know what this is, or what the plans were. Quilt? Cross stitch? Biscornu? I remember drawing it and coloring it, in one of my university notebooks. Maybe suitable for canvas embroidery some day.

2017-04-09 09.44.39

A bit of nothing and everything

In February, we started looking for a house, and that continued until easter, when we BOUGHT a house. And only last Friday (while in Barcelona with work) did I get the apartment sold. So I haven’t been crafting like crazy, like I normally would! Or rather FINISHING like I normally would.

But that doesn’t mean nothing’s been happening. The drawing challenges will get their own posts, but today I also drew this lil scene. I’m not letting the image be larger than this in the post because look at that pen, it’s that small in real life! I like small. You can hide not being that good, and also be lazy.

2017-05-18 14.54.01

I’ve been doing some knitting too, but I ran out of yarn in this one kit RIGHT on the finish line!

2017-05-18 17.26.19

I’ve mailed the company that sells the kit, and they replied within five minutes and I’ll have more of that color in the mail by Monday. Just the heel left there!

Just before leaving for Barcelona, I also started knitting a shawl on my mom’s request. Started it at the hair dresser while getting my crazy rainbow back – I was worried it might get dyed, but my hairdresser knows his stuff! Only problem is you knit it neck-out, triangle style, so it’s hard to take a proper picture of while WIP.

2017-05-18 17.55.03

It’s an easy knit, and your mistakes don’t show that visibly, so I’ve seen almost all of Sense8 and three seasons of community while working on this… (getting HOME from Barcelona I got a cold on the plane, because not even company charters can be trusted) Not to mention all the work I got done during presentations at the conference!

2017-05-16 09.25.37

And if we go back to those drawing challenges, I got a “well fuck you too!” moment at one of them, skillwise, and decided to make this. It’s called Inversion, but also “I’ll show YOU proportions”

2017-03-28 16.05.40


The bee I worked on for my keytag got an outline and a crown, and then I abandoned the project again – still need to stitch the other side (an M) and sew it all together.

2017-05-07 14.56.10

I’ve done color tests of my copics while doing one of the drawing challenges, and also figuring out leaves and grass…

2017-05-18 17.52.20

And I’ve done a LOT of planting

2017-04-30 11.39.24

2017-05-05 18.37.25

2017-05-04 20.11.22

2017-05-16 11.09.25

Most of the last picture is actually plants that survived from last year, except for the pots in the foreground. There’s also three flower boxes full of pansies, but we’ll settle here with the plants.

Other posts with the drawing challenges coming up later, after dinner and some such!

PS. There’s also been some baking, but no pictures!