Doorway wardrobe

We have two doorways leading into the same “room”. This is nice and airy and light, but we’re also missing any actual closet in the hallway! But since we have an open stairway, we don’t really want to make the hallway-slash-dining room darker (it’s open straight between them, and the dining room connects to the kitchen). So we decided to put a wardrobe into one of the doorways.

2017-10-08 20.20.00

It’s not at all finished, we need to fix the wiring and the door trimmings and put distances in, but having slightly demolished the doorway and put the wardrobe into position, it looks pretty nice already! It’s promising!

2017-10-08 21.08.09

(yeah we’re going to move that electrical adapter to another socket before locking it in, but right now there’s no reasonable socket on the other side)

2017-10-09 20.20.38

2017-10-09 20.17.23

Also, I love my crowbar.


A gift of pencil

Jesper got me a pencil! He’s one of our graphical artists, and I was admiring and pretend-stealing his new pencil (because I’m a pen hoarder), and not long after he got me my own! So I tried it out by drawing the squirrel that lives in our back yard, in my work calendar.

2017-09-18 13.55.21


And the day after it was windy and I brought my umbrella in case it was going to rain, so I added a ladybird struggling with an umbrella (because there are a lot of ladybirds in my garden, even though it’s autumn and cold)

2017-09-19 10.02.26

Oh and I bought a house

As you may have noticed…

We moved in to our new house the other week! And this being a not-super-much-modernized 60’s house, there’s no ventilation! Just windows completely without isolation!

Yeah, the air gets pretty bad in here compared to how it COULD be (though it’s a large and airy house and we can have the windows slightly open, but that gets super cold fairly quickly)

So we drilled some ventilation! Unfortunately there’s not a lot of pics. But here’s the gist:

Find a good place to put your ventilation. Above a radiator, preferably, and where it will move the air through the room before passing on to the central circulation of the house.

Make sure there are no studs where you want it. A multi scanner is good for this. Practice with it somewhere you know there are studs so you don’t get false results.

Grab a drill (standing inside the house), and with a level, make sure you angle it downwards. You want any water to run out, not in.

Drill through only the inner layer in the periphery of your location to once again make sure there are no studs. Then drill the center all the way through.

Grab a hole saw of the right size for your ventilation and drill through from first the inside, and then from the outside, to get a nice, non abrasive hole.

This is where your wall looks funny.

2017-09-17 15.23.14

(that wire housing is another funny thing about this house – they run in these wooden curtain hangers above the windows)

Now the interesting thing that comes next is that what your vent tubing will often state how long it can be, and that you cut it down to size, but it does NOT say anything about what the minimum length is! And it turns out the one I bought has a minimum length that’s longer than the thickness of our walls. We have thin 60’s walls. Not your fancy modern northern housing walls.

So I had to go buy another set, which was an adventure on its own because I’m fun like that, but before I turned in at night, I had it all set up.

2017-09-17 20.07.28

Only five more to go that I can do myself, and at least two more needed later when the house gets painted anyway and someone will be here with something to stand on for the upper floor…

Blackboard frames

Amir was commenting how we needed something to write down things we should remember when going through the door, so my mind immediately went to blackboard paint and frames. It turned out quite nicely if I may say so myself!

2017-09-10 19.49.05

I made one for myself as well, to have in my craft room

2017-09-10 19.49.52

Partially because I wanted to prove that it was a better look for our hallway with this style frame, but in the end Amir’s looked so good I didn’t even argue the point.

Problems encountered:

  1. This paint is an environment hazard. Washing brushes properly is a new thing to learn.
  2. I slabbed on a bunch of magnet paint first, but I must either not have stirred it well enough first, or I did too few coats, or SOMETHING, because our weaker magnets don’t even CONSIDER sticking to it.
  3. I should really sand them down, because the surface is so gnarly from my heavy paint brushes that they’re a pain to wipe off.

Also you may notice the hole at the top of the top frame. That’s how the frame came, honestly. I just painted straight on the backing (after removing it from the frame of course – and the glass is in my room waiting for other use). And that one happened to have a corner in that style. Probably to make it easier to pick up?

Screwy nails

I tore out a built in wardrobe in one of the rooms, and the nails are fascinating. These aren’t even the most twisted ones, but they’re the ones that gave me the most trouble. I bust the hammer as you can see.┬áHad to utilize my fancy, Gordon Freeman esque crowbar to get them to budge. (seen underneath the hammer – which of course I should have done to begin with, I just didn’t expect the hammer to fail before I even had to use any particular muscles on it)

2017-09-08 20.06.44.jpg

When whoever upgraded the ceiling did that work, they didn’t bother fixing it above the wardrobe. In fact, the wardrobe stuck up ABOVE the ceiling, and was nailed in place both into the floor (lift upwards) and into the side boards, so it was quite a hassle to get it out. But manage, I did! Now I have to paint the room, too, ’cause we’ve got some original wall paint going there…


The oak was hanging over the driveway and making it hard for cars to park, so I had to cut off a few very low branches. They were tiny regrowth branches in a giant tree, at about head hight. But… I can’t throw it away, it’s oak! So now I’ve got a a stash of oak. Maybe I’ll have to find a good way to make buttons.

2017-09-05 16.31.07

2017-09-05 16.31.03

Firewood housing

Haven’t finished anything interesting lately, but during the week I helped my dad with his woodshed project. I was having severe stomach pains due to dehydration again (I need to behave with my supplements – but a steady diet of chia seeds in almond milk fixed me up) so there’s no progress pics unfortunately, apart from this one shot I snagged this one time I happened to bring my phone outside. (I had no pockets in my work outfit)

In the pic, we’ve just hung the festool saw track on the wall to start cutting the second door out of the structure. You can see the hinges on the side for the first door.

2017-08-03 12.42.26


Also, it turns out roofing is quite satisfying, and my dad is terrible at brushing off all the bugs before passing on the tiles.